Acquiring an advanced and fair society it is in our hands. To do so, sustainable development challenges must be faced under and economic and social model to allow human development in all aspects.

The previous economic cycle, based on the assumption of unlimited growth and the infinite capacity of environment and natural resources, is over. One fact that proves it is that the world has gone through one of the most important crisis and economic breakdowns. This has also caused a social fracture generating indifference over issues that should have been a priority from the beginning. Turmoil can and must be changed.

Although it could be said that destruction mode is on, the blossom of a new better world is possible through a transformation process. Knowledge and expertise of the last years must be taken into account. All agents involved should collaborate. Citizenship, enterprises, Administration, Mass Media and NGOS, among others, must push towards a new socioeconomic behaviour and pattern.

Port cities

Port cities become a very good example in terms of progress, improvements and environmental development. Integrating facilities that surround cities into a new urban model has become essential under XXI st century patterns. It is a question of combining different groups’ interests from a broad and holistic point of view. Environment, Society and Economy became the centre of this new model. The three areas generate 16 keys that together can balance to foster economic growth within the urban zone.

General interest ports should become Advanced Landlord ports. These should optimize to lead economic activity, to involve social and businesses city tissues and overlook environmental sustainability. On the other hand, these ports shall coordinate agents and Administrations involved in ship and goods traffic. Like this the productive system will be able to boost and refresh on a new economy base.

Essential keys

Although each port and every city have their own set of strengths and frailties, there are a series of basic and common elements that must be taken into consideration before a new project. This road book must be based upon those 16 essential keys that were mentioned previously, in order to acquire a new integration port city pattern.

The environmental area must comprehend 6 key issues:

  • Aquatic habitat.
  • Drinkable water.
  • Air and atmosphere.
  • Energy.
  • Solid waste.
  • Natural habitat and soil.

Social pole must take into consideration 6 basic concepts:

  • Localization and connectivity.
  • Stakeholders.
  • Seafront development.
  • Culture fostering.
  • Work and education.
  • Social Corporate Responsibility strategy.

Economic area:

  • Working and labour model.
  • Transportation chains.
  • Exploit model.
  • Investment model.

These 16 key issues can make port city integration possible under sustainability and responsibility indicators from social, enterprises and territorial fronts. Productive system could take a step forward under the new economy, knowledge and information society factors, within new quality living standards. Businesses would be able to get added value and advantages that can make them more competitive. On the other hand, environment becomes a territorial asset and climate change can be mitigated.

Cities that have taken the helm of their development are growing in number. A lot were reluctant to go through a transformation process. Nevertheless, they know that benefits will last over generations.


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