Both of them, with different goals but with a common artistic gift for gastronomy, have made a revolution.  One has contributed to create a brand: Peru. The other has spread a healthier food style transforming cooking into a lever with a social effect. In both cases, technology, innovation and education are the columns in which their movements are built on.


Gastón Acurio


Jamie Oliver

Visionaries who changed the world

Although their movements’ goals are different, the steps to achieve them have a common set of factors:

-Their recipes are known and spread all over the world. Not so long ago, and this still happens, a lot of chefs do not reveal their creations. A step forward has been taken, going from a closed economy to an open collaborative economy based upon sharing knowledge actions.

-They innovated and invented a new cuisine. In Acurio’s case, he came up a new Peruvian cuisine, adding value to national Los Andes Peruvian products combined with Amazonian and Asian flavors. On the other hand, Oliver produced a new sort of Italian cuisine empowering it with elements from Oriental cuisine, including species and aromatic herbs.

-Not only they innovated, but they also spread the goals they accomplished. Opening new restaurants, producing TV shows and an intense Social Media activity made Peru’s capital city, Lima, a global capital city and contributed to create a better world, more social and healthier.

Gastón Acurio, as well as Jamie Oliver, went both trough difficulties. Acurio dropped off from Law School against his family will. Oliver, dyslexic, dropped off from High School. But, even under those specific circumstances, Le Cordon Bleu and The River Café changed their lives to offer the world their own creations.

-Their works have an impact and make social changes. Acurio has created cooking schools and opens new restaurants and through them spreads his country’s spirit and promotes his brand. Oliver has promoted social reintegration programs for people with less opportunities. Along with this he is campaigning to promote healthy food habits, in the United Kingdom and in the United States.

-They keep moving. They keep innovating. Acurio changes his menus every six months and he asks his chefs for five new dishes every week. Oliver is in constant change and recipe evolution.

Both of them, from their professional field, are change makers to contribute to a more social an healthier world, using innovation, education and and technology as drivers of change.

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