Christian Manrique and Global Connectivity

Christian Manrique’s new post

Christian Manrique points out in this video the deep changes and outcomes that technology is going to bring to our lives. Did you ever think about travelling to the future? Don’t bother about it, because, despite all our fears, the future is already here. There is no need to worry. Connectivity, through technological transformation will affect all aspects of our existences and Christian Manrique will prove it to you, just keep reading or watch the video above.

It is an unstoppable trend caused by technology. As Christian Manrique brings up, technology is having effects over legislation, transportation, environment, economy, social trends and facilities. Every single aspect of our lives is going to be influenced by it. There is going to be a general and global connectivity that facilities are going to take on account. There are going to be intelligent facilities. There will be ad hoc facilities like the ones we already have and, also, there will be intelligent facilities with value added. Cars will be recharged while running through a wi-fi system with no need to stop on a recharging station.  The upcoming decade will be the time for important evolution. It’s not known yet what the outcome will be, but transformations will be produced on a large scale.

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