Christian Manrique and the productive model

Christian Manrique’s new post

In this new video post, Christian Manrique explains that before a country decides how its infrastructures and facilities are going to be like it needs to shape its productive model.

As Christian Manrique points out, before infrastructures are defined, productive model must be outlined, what we want to be. Do we want to specialize in tourism? Do we want to be in the car factory business? Do we prefer orange agricultural production? Do we want to be a more industrialized country? Do we want Spain to be a country specialized in service sector generating value added? Above all, we need to decide what we want to become, like any economy.

Christian Manrique brings up that we, as a country, must decide what our needs are in micro and macroeconomics terms. Which is the productive model that we want. It is impossible to change a productive model in two years, because a decade is needed. There must be a transition model heading towards the required one, in microeconomic terms. On the other hand, in macroeconomics terms, markets, as well as trends, must be taken into account.

Then, from that point, infrastructures can be defined. As Chritian Manrique outlines, we already know that infrastructures will be linked to technology, but, above all, that first step about the production model must be defined. Nowadays, there are still some Administrations and enterprises that are not determined to follow that path.

It is true that top enterprises, some of them Spanish, are already beyond average and are doing a very fine job with a wide perspective. But, still, Governments need to take that determination, otherwise they will turn less competitive. And the upcoming changes are going to behave like a hurricane.

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