Christian Manrique and China’s Effect

Christian Manrique’s new post

In this new video post, Christian Manrique gives the hints to understand China’s change about its investment policy abroad.

As Christian Manrique points out,  China has switched from an industrial model into an internal one, based as well in the unstoppable suport of sustainable energies. They are changing from solid fuels to specifically making a bet on solar and wind energies, the Government is doing so.

Christian Manrique brings up that this is influencing the low global economic rise. Not only Chinese investment in Latin America is decreasing, but in the Western and South African coast as well.  In those areas, which happen to be rarely known, China has been working in strategic spots because they will become very important in the future. Chinese investment is also going down there.

China, as Christian Manrique states,  is already very well positioned, but this internal model switch is producing an effect upon its abroad investments.

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