Industry 4.0 and Society 5.0 by Christian Manrique

Most likely, in 20 years we will work 30 hours per week instead of 40, but in more specialized positions, more qualified and strongly related to the knowledge economy. And living with robots. If countries do not prepare, global unemployment will increase significantly.

The german concept of Industry 4.0, Intelligent Industry or 4th Industrial Revolution is for real in development and involves the digitalization of production processes in industry, either through sensors or through information systems, transforming these processes to make them more efficient.

Its progress is characterized by continuous growth and rapid changes, with the goal of prospering and improving living standards through services and products with high added value.

But there is a new concept that is being coined, focused on the people but not on the industry. The Society 5.0.

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#Industry40 and #Society50

The concept of Society 5.0 is promoted by the japanese government in 2015, an idea based on considering society at the center rather than the industry. Taking the technology as a catalyst and driver, Society 5.0 looks for the general welfare of citizens and aims for a superintelligent society. Society 5.0 places the person at the center of Industry 4.0.

The origin of the german concept of Industry 4.0 was based on six pillars for its positive impact on the economy: the digital society, sustainable energy, intelligent mobility, healthy living, civil security and technology at work.

Industry 4.0 is information and communication technologies and the digital age, where the internet, smart phones, sensors (IoT), data and fiber connections shape the current stage we are living.

The japanese concept of Society 5.0 assumes four previous societies: the hunting, the agricultural, the industrial, the information (where they collect the successive industrial revolutions and the current fourth) and a fifth that integrates the online with the offline, or what it means, information or cyberspace with the real physical world in a sustainable way.

society 5.0

Basically and summarizing, in Industry 4.0 the generation of knowledge and intelligence is done by humans with the help of technology; in Society 5.0 the generation of knowledge and intelligence will come from machines through Artificial Intelligence at the service of people. The exponential advance of technology (Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, Robotics, Deep Learning, Machine Learning) is generating a new era of automation, covering human competences, including cognitive skills, and developing that Society 5.0 where these new technological advances are accommodated in a more efficient way.

Society 5.0 will be the ecosystem that will provide sustainability at all levels -economic, environmental, social and political-, focusing on the people and the creation of value. It is a concept that goes beyond the concept of Industry 4.0 and Made in China 2025.

Society 5.0, opportunities and sampo-yoshi

The adoption of the concept of Society 5.0 means taking advance in an appropriate way to the future that comes to us and involving the main players (governments, universities, private companies and citizens) in a common strategy of implementation for the overal benefit (sampo-yoshi).

The challenges that world economies must face, such as population aging, rural depopulation, the educational model, health, the fight against climate change or economic growth, can adopt this concept to overcome these challenges efficiently and sustainably.


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