Cyberspace and physical space, a new paradigm

A day will come when human beings forbid us from driving. At the present time it may seem crazy, but the truth is that Artificial Intelligence does not get tired, make fewer mistakes and is not distracted at the wheel. A first step will be taken in the coming years with the incorporation of autonomous cars. The second step, not allowing human driving, is closer than we think.



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IoT in supply chains

A survey by Forbes Insights from the end of 2018 to 700 executives shows that companies are adopting IoT to improve the capabilities of their supply chains and operations:

  • 27% are using IoT to improve their manufacturing operations.
  • 22% are implementing IoT to provide greater transparency in their supply chains.
  • 16% are focusing their IoT efforts on storage and logistics.
  • 38% seek to use IoT to improve their operational capabilities.
  • 27% seek to take advantage of their IoT capabilities to support more intelligent logistics and route design.

various smart devices and mesh network, internet of things

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Cloud Computing and SLA

The use of Cloud Computing (CC) means threats and risks, which nowadays tend to be reduced but which must be taken into account and managed. But, on the other hand, the CC provides to small and medium companies and startups the advantages and functionalities of technology that they could not otherwise afford.

Vendors of these services offer scalability and flexibility to adapt on the fly (pay as you go) to our needs. They also allow us to get applications available and accessible from anywhere, always. All this with the possibility of hiring not only the infrastructure and software, but also its maintenance.

Accordingly, we can talk about advantages and disadvantages, but the adoption of the CC is a clear competitive advantage for companies and institutions in which they have to embark as soon as possible. Its use is irreversible.


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Cloud Computing y ANS

El uso del Cloud Computing (CC) lleva asociados amenazas y riesgos, que hoy en día tienden a reducirse pero que es necesario tener en cuenta y gestionar. Pero por otro lado, el CC pone al alcance de la pequeñas y medianas empresas y de las startups las ventajas y funcionalidades de la tecnología que de otra manera no podrían permitirse.

Los proveedores de estos servicios ofrecen escalabilidad y flexibilidad para adaptarse sobre la marcha (pay as you go) a nuestras necesidades.  También nos permiten tener siempre disponibles y accesibles desde cualquier lugar las aplicaciones. Todo ello con la posibilidad de contratar no solo la infraestructura y el software, sino también su mantenimiento.

De acuerdo con ello, podemos hablar de ventajas y desventajas, pero la adopción del CC es una clara ventaja competitiva para las empresas e instiruciones en la que se tienen que embarcar lo antes posible. Su uso es irreversible.


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