La zona de la muerte es un concepto acuñado por el médico suizo Edouard Wyss-Dunant en 1953 como la zona por encima de los 7.500 metros de altitud en la cual ya el ser humano ya no puede aclimatarse debido principalmente a la presión atmosférica.

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Los 3 mañanas post Covid-19

¿Qué mañana nos espera después del Covid-19? Vamos a descubrirlo.

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The 3 megatrends that are shaping the world (world population growth, the exponential advance of technology and hyper-connectivity) are going to trigger a great tidal wave which will move the economic and commercial center (of gravity) to the East.

3,000 million new people will emerge in the next decade, generating a new generation of consumption but with a clear feature: they´ll get the state-of-the-art technology, which will dramatically increase competition. This being so, economies, companies and institutions cannot waste more time and must get ready for challenges.

As in climate change, there will be losers and winners. Markets and wages will be polarized and the education gap will become larger. Here I collect 5 key points to build a winning project.

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Las tres megatendecias que están moldeando el mundo (el crecimiento poblacional, el avance exponencial de la tecnología y la hiperconectividad) van a provocar un gran maremoto que va a trasladar el centro económico y comercial hacia el Este.

3.000 millones de personas nuevas que surgirán en la próxima década, generando una nueva generación de consumo pero con una característica diferenciadora: tienen a su alcance la última tecnología, con lo cual incrementará dramáticamente la competencia. Y ante ello, economías, empresas e instituciones no pueden perder más tiempo y prepararse.

Como en el cambio climático, habrá perdedores y ganadores. Los mercados y los salarios se polarizarán y las brecha en educación se hará más grande. Aquí recojo 5 puntos clave para tener un proyecto ganador.

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Big Data, salud y oportunidad

Al Big Data se han asociado una serie de características clave que lo definen, llamadas las “V” de Big Data.

Inicialmente, estas características eran 3: volumen, velocidad y variedad. Posteriormente se han añadido otras características, como la veracidad de los datos y el valor de los datos, generando así las denominadas 5 V del Big Data. Actualmente ya se está hablando de las 8 V del Big Data. Estas 8 V son muy relevantes en el sector de la salud.


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Christian Manrique y la importancia de la conectividad

Christian Manrique nuevo post

Christian Manrique subraya en este vídeo la importancia de la conectividad, de la posibilidad de tener acceso a Internet, en el ámbito empresarial, de las Administraciones y de los Gobiernos, porque va a suponer un cambio en la manera de hacer negocios y en la manera en que los ciudadanos se van a relacionar con los Gobiernos y con las Administraciones.

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Ideas start with ourselves. In sports, being familiar with or knowing the playfield has been debated to a great extend about how this made a difference to obtain a competitive advantage over the local team.

At the same time, this has had to do with the kind of grass and the size of the field. But at the end all teams obtained the same victory rate playing at home.

The question lies in not having found a real differentiating factor that could give any team a competitive advantage over its adversaries, beyond the advantage of playing at home.

The quality of the team counts and a bigger budget can attract more talent and, therefore, more victories.

Then, am I just saying that the team with more resources is the one able to attract more talent and therefore capable of improving its victory rate? Or, on the other hand, a team on a lower budget will never be able to get a talented and competitive team on low wages?

To both questions the answer is no. As the film Moneyball points out, it’s about breaking the rules.

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“I´ve seen things you people wouldn´t believe. Attack ships on fire off the shoulder of Orion. I watched c-beams glitter in the dark near Tannhäuser Gate. All those moments will be lost in time, like tears in rain. Time to die”.

These were the wonderful las words by Batty (Rutger Hauer), Nexus 7 replicant in Blade Runner. A film, boldly ahead of our time, which sets up different questions that probably the future will answer: how genetic engineering and AI produce artificial humans (replicants) for tough and dangerous tasks, but also taking human sides into account, as Batty exposes in his monologue (tears in rain).

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This post title comes from a sentence by Matt Ridley, a British journalist, businessman and author of popular science books with a very strong scientific background, who when pointing this idea out was making a word game which is easy to accept. Yes, ideas have intercourse taking into consideration that an idea is a combination of several ideas.

Tinder combines with a smartphone. Pizza Hut melts Mc Donald’s and pizza. Mc Donald’s takes hamburgers through a production chain. There would be a wide number of success cases and all of them have in common the conjunction of different ideas.


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Economic growth models always go through cyclic and anticyclic processes. Somehow, it is like test they take and results will depend upon their stability and resistance.

In any case, manpower takes most of the damage while these processes are on and consequences are usually devastating. Unemployment increases and a part of the population is put aside because it has specialized in an obsolete model that will never come back. This population group must reinvent itself.

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