The 3 megatrends that are shaping the world (world population growth, the exponential advance of technology and hyper-connectivity) are going to trigger a great tidal wave which will move the economic and commercial center (of gravity) to the East.

3,000 million new people will emerge in the next decade, generating a new generation of consumption but with a clear feature: they´ll get the state-of-the-art technology, which will dramatically increase competition. This being so, economies, companies and institutions cannot waste more time and must get ready for challenges.

As in climate change, there will be losers and winners. Markets and wages will be polarized and the education gap will become larger. Here I collect 5 key points to build a winning project.

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Las tres megatendecias que están moldeando el mundo (el crecimiento poblacional, el avance exponencial de la tecnología y la hiperconectividad) van a provocar un gran maremoto que va a trasladar el centro económico y comercial hacia el Este.

3.000 millones de personas nuevas que surgirán en la próxima década, generando una nueva generación de consumo pero con una característica diferenciadora: tienen a su alcance la última tecnología, con lo cual incrementará dramáticamente la competencia. Y ante ello, economías, empresas e instituciones no pueden perder más tiempo y prepararse.

Como en el cambio climático, habrá perdedores y ganadores. Los mercados y los salarios se polarizarán y las brecha en educación se hará más grande. Aquí recojo 5 puntos clave para tener un proyecto ganador.

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#Makeourplanetgreatagain by Christian Manrique

Post by Christian Manrique

As the US withdraws from the Climate Change Paris Agreement, the world enters a new era of uncertainty about a better future for all. The worst predictions about Donald Trump’s presidency and new policies seem to become realities and therefore rough times are ahead of us, maybe for the next four years, perhaps eight, until he is either removed or finishes his mandate or mandates. He might be the dimmest President the US has ever had. The US is missing the target on Climate Change. Nonetheless, this is not a crisis, it’s just a setback and it can be fixed. Information has become essential for citizens. I’m trying to contribute here with these lines to spread light.

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