Más allá de las ventajas competitivas que supone la adopción de gemelos digitales en los que convergen las principales tecnologías exponenciales, los digital twins son la oportunidad para impulsar una transformación digital inteligente que sirva como nuevo modelo de negocio y gestión, con la finalidad de lograr los objetivos empresariales del triple bottom line de manera mucho más eficiente. Es decir, es el mecanismo digital de la Sociedad 5.0.

Christian Manrique´s Digital Twin
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Como sucede en todas las crisis, alfloran las debilidades empresariales que pueden conducir a un desenlace fatal. Esta época que estamos viendo, sufriendo y combatiendo, es otra muestra de lo que se repite en todas las épocas anticíclicas.

¿Qué tienen en común el Cirque du Soleil, Hertz, J. Crew, Aldo, Perini Navi, J.C. Penney, Whiting Petroleum, Le Pain Quotidien, Mavic, Wigan Athletic, Latam, y Virgin Atlantic? Que se han declarado en quiebra en el año 2020. Sí, hasta los modelos disruptivos como el del Cirque du Soleil no son indiferentes a este escenario. Y afecta a todos los sectores, desde equipos de fútbol, equipos ciclistas, empresas de espectáculos, aerolíneas y hostelería, a empresas petroleras. El sector finanzas tampoco es ajeno, como el caso de HSBC, eliminando más de 35.000 puestos de trabajo en varios países del mundo. Sin embargo, otras empresas muestran deslumbrantemente un comportando muy diferente en este contexto de pandemia. ¿Cómo lo están consiguiendo en un entorno de trabajo desde casa?

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Los 3 mañanas post Covid-19

¿Qué mañana nos espera después del Covid-19? Vamos a descubrirlo.

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Cyberspace and physical space, a new paradigm

A day will come when human beings forbid us from driving. At the present time it may seem crazy, but the truth is that Artificial Intelligence does not get tired, make fewer mistakes and is not distracted at the wheel. A first step will be taken in the coming years with the incorporation of autonomous cars. The second step, not allowing human driving, is closer than we think.



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#Makeourplanetgreatagain by Christian Manrique

Post by Christian Manrique

As the US withdraws from the Climate Change Paris Agreement, the world enters a new era of uncertainty about a better future for all. The worst predictions about Donald Trump’s presidency and new policies seem to become realities and therefore rough times are ahead of us, maybe for the next four years, perhaps eight, until he is either removed or finishes his mandate or mandates. He might be the dimmest President the US has ever had. The US is missing the target on Climate Change. Nonetheless, this is not a crisis, it’s just a setback and it can be fixed. Information has become essential for citizens. I’m trying to contribute here with these lines to spread light.

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Ideas start with ourselves. In sports, being familiar with or knowing the playfield has been debated to a great extend about how this made a difference to obtain a competitive advantage over the local team.

At the same time, this has had to do with the kind of grass and the size of the field. But at the end all teams obtained the same victory rate playing at home.

The question lies in not having found a real differentiating factor that could give any team a competitive advantage over its adversaries, beyond the advantage of playing at home.

The quality of the team counts and a bigger budget can attract more talent and, therefore, more victories.

Then, am I just saying that the team with more resources is the one able to attract more talent and therefore capable of improving its victory rate? Or, on the other hand, a team on a lower budget will never be able to get a talented and competitive team on low wages?

To both questions the answer is no. As the film Moneyball points out, it’s about breaking the rules.

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This post title comes from a sentence by Matt Ridley, a British journalist, businessman and author of popular science books with a very strong scientific background, who when pointing this idea out was making a word game which is easy to accept. Yes, ideas have intercourse taking into consideration that an idea is a combination of several ideas.

Tinder combines with a smartphone. Pizza Hut melts Mc Donald’s and pizza. Mc Donald’s takes hamburgers through a production chain. There would be a wide number of success cases and all of them have in common the conjunction of different ideas.


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Extreme markets segments era

Market polarization as a trend is not new. On the contrary, it has been going on for the last years. What it is happening, maybe, due to fast changes taking place, is that has been unnoticed for some, while for others has become something normality.


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Economic growth models always go through cyclic and anticyclic processes. Somehow, it is like test they take and results will depend upon their stability and resistance.

In any case, manpower takes most of the damage while these processes are on and consequences are usually devastating. Unemployment increases and a part of the population is put aside because it has specialized in an obsolete model that will never come back. This population group must reinvent itself.

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New industrial revolution, known as the fourth industrial revolution, implies a set of important factors deeply concerning current social system.

Previous industrial revolutions transformed all productive sectors, which came along with migration from towns to cities and to industrial areas. In those places, machines took over manual worker. Currently there is a new component that is growing unstoppable: technology.


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