#Makeourplanetgreatagain by Christian Manrique

Post by Christian Manrique

As the US withdraws from the Climate Change Paris Agreement, the world enters a new era of uncertainty about a better future for all. The worst predictions about Donald Trump’s presidency and new policies seem to become realities and therefore rough times are ahead of us, maybe for the next four years, perhaps eight, until he is either removed or finishes his mandate or mandates. He might be the dimmest President the US has ever had. The US is missing the target on Climate Change. Nonetheless, this is not a crisis, it’s just a setback and it can be fixed. Information has become essential for citizens. I’m trying to contribute here with these lines to spread light.

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El mundo según Putin y Trump 2


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Desconfianza mutua entre rusos y americanos

Si bien la devoción  que existe entre el presidente de la Federación Rusa, Vladimir Putin, y el presidente de los Estados Unidos, Donald Trump, es notable; la desconfianza entre ciudadanos rusos y estadounidenses es mutua. Mientras sus líderes consideran una prioridad recuperar y consolidar unas relaciones hasta ahora difusas y ambiguas, la opinión social va por otros derroteros, aunque creen que las relaciones entre ambos países mejorarán. Más allá de las opiniones, Rusia se beneficiaría de las nuevas políticas americanas.

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Trump and Putin’s new economy

Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin. Source: NBCnews

“It’s the economy, stupid”. This sentence, coined during Bill Clinton’s successful presidential campaign, defines perfectly the scenarios that Donald Trump, as well as Vladimir Putin, will have to face on their own and as “preferred partners” for international affairs. Last events, like Michael Flynn’s resignation as security adviser for the White House, might appear, though it is quite blurry, as favoring the Kremlin. This political decision, Flynn’s ouster, comes after what it has been considered, for some informed sources, as a plot trying to undermine Obama’s policy by promising, through secret negotiations between Trump’s team and Moscow, removing sanctions on Russia. But what the whole situation really implies is that economy and money move the world, always. On this post, I give some tips about the Empire that Trump, as well as Putin, are trying to build.

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