#Makeourplanetgreatagain by Christian Manrique

Post by Christian Manrique

As the US withdraws from the Climate Change Paris Agreement, the world enters a new era of uncertainty about a better future for all. The worst predictions about Donald Trump’s presidency and new policies seem to become realities and therefore rough times are ahead of us, maybe for the next four years, perhaps eight, until he is either removed or finishes his mandate or mandates. He might be the dimmest President the US has ever had. The US is missing the target on Climate Change. Nonetheless, this is not a crisis, it’s just a setback and it can be fixed. Information has become essential for citizens. I’m trying to contribute here with these lines to spread light.

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When a concept becomes a trend two things happen. It starts to be used anytime and, on the other hand, its meaning loses relevance and importance.

This is what has happened with “innovation” and more specifically with “R&D investment”. It turned out to be worse when Media and Political messages integrated that idea as the real and only solution for everything, also linked to the “new production model”.

Let’s face it, the whole idea is quite appropriate. The equation R&D plus production model makes sense. But then again, the formula remains uncompleted, though.

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Due to continuous transformation, innovation becomes the key factor for economic growth. Companies can build and generate added value and competitive advantages under a business competitive model of innovation and growth with perfectly defined and established goals.

Therefore, only companies investing on competitive provision of innovations will be able to face economic upheavals and uncertainty periods.

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