SUCCESS IN FAILURE Christian Manrique

“Success is the ability to go from one failure to another with no loss of enthusiasm”. Winston Churchill -already a beloved character in this blog- always believed that falling down, standing up and learning was the path towards any goal. He also understood the need of an extremely well designed plan to reach it. His words still have got the power of a meaningful sentence.

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ÉXITO EN EL FRACASO Christian Manrique

El éxito consiste en caminar de fracaso en fracaso sin perder el entusiasmo”. Winston Churchill –personaje recurrente de este blog- siempre tuvo claro que había que caerse  muchas veces para llegar a la meta. Y también entendió que debía contar con un objetivo y trazar un plan para llegar hasta él. Sus palabras componen una sentencia trascendente y llena de significado. De hecho, muchas culturas tienen perfectamente inoculado que sin errores, sin esfuerzo, sin perseverancia y sin paciencia no se avanza. Algunos lectores pensarán que se trata de la frase motivacional del día con la que empezar un post sobre cómo el fundador de Apple Steve Jobs, la presentadora Oprah Winfrey o el fundador del exitoso portal de e-commerce Alibaba, Jack Ma, tras muchos esfuerzos consiguieron triunfar. No, esto no es cuento. Y tampoco es un análisis de la obra de Max Weber “La Ética Protestante y el ‘Espíritu’ del Capitalismo” para indagar en las posibles diferencias entre el mundo anglosajón y las culturas mediterráneas.

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As the Merriah-Webster Dictionary states, uncertainty stands for something that is doubtful or unknown; something that is uncertain. It is this lack of capability to foresee what will come next which represents the main challenge. It should be reality managing oriented to acquire acceptable stability parameters.

It is possible to refer to political uncertainty, social uncertainty, economic uncertainty and other kinds, although, in this case the text is referring to its consequences on businesses.

Decision-making and failure

Facing extremely complex or VUCA (Volatile Uncertain Complex Ambiguous) situations steps must be taken. Paralysis is not an option and, therefore, mistakes will have to be assumed, but even the slight decision must be taken in order to solve problems.

Decision-making can lead towards success or failure, but not making any at all means failures for granted. This is not the kind of failure that arises from taking the wrong step or not succeeding in businesses, from which something must be learned. My point here is the failure that grows from fearing failure. Nevertheless, as Winston Churchill pointed out, “success is walking from failure to failures with no loss of enthusiasm”.

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